Privacy Policy Processing of personal data Personal data is processed by OÜ Red pepper (Reg.Nr:16883415), located at Punane tn 1 Tallinn Harjumaa 13620. What data is collected? Non-personalized technical data is collected when visiting the website. Non-personalized technical data includes: The model of the computer or mobile device used The software version of the computer’s web browser and operating system Time of visit Data is collected on website visits and stays in order to improve websites and service environments based on this information and make them more convenient for visitors. Personal data is collected for the provision of the service, including: First name Last name Phone number Payer’s address Email address The recipient’s data is also collected for the delivery of the order. When is data collected? Most of the data collected is transmitted by the visitor of the page. We collect and process data when you Leave a price inquiry by email. Visit and use our website Data collection purposes We process the personal data of voluntary users of our marketing channels and services, as well as customers and their representatives, in order to fulfill both our contractual obligations and to provide better service to potential customers. We collect and process non-personalized technical data in order to ensure the functionality and availability of the website. Your data protection rights OÜ Red pepper is aware of your data protection rights. Each user has the right to: Access your data – You have the right to request personal information we have collected about you. To correct data – If you believe that personal information about you is incorrect, you can request that the information be corrected or supplemented. To delete data – You have the right to have your personal information deleted from our servers under certain conditions. To prohibit the processing of personal data – The user has the right to prohibit the processing of his/her data under certain conditions. To transfer data – You have the right to request the transfer of personal data to a third party or directly to you under certain conditions. We have one month from the date of the request to respond to you. To submit a request, please send us an email at What are cookies? A cookie is a text file that is sent and saved to the user’s computer by the websites that the user visits. The cookie contains information about the website visit and its time. The cookie is stored in the user’s web browser file directory. If the user has visited the website before, the web browser reads the cookie and sends the corresponding information to the website or element that originally saved the cookie. OÜ Red pepper website at uses cookies. You can opt-out of cookies at any time by changing the web browser settings of the device you are using and deleting the saved cookies. Cookies are kept for one month. More information about setting cookies: (Chrome) (Firefox)